Error Code 80073712

Hello HTMF. Happy New year!

Recently, my hard drive crashed (about a week after my warranty was over!)
I’m using Vista Home edition,

Today I got my laptop back from Databoy, and I went to download Windows Live  Messenger and iTunes, but for some reason neither will install. I can download the set up program, but once I try to install it, it will get to a certain point and then cancel.

I figured, I’ll do a windows update! So I go into Windows update and I get
’Unknown Error. Code 80073712"
This confuses me, so I do a google search and it seems A LOT of people are having trouble with this, so I call Microsoft support having faith that the trusty customer service rep will be able to help me!

I was horribly wrong. I explained to the girl what the problem was, and she directed me to the knowledge base on so I went there and typed in the error code and the website told me that they had no documents with said error.

The woman on the phone then tells me to EMAIL a technician, and I will receive help in one business day (Of course it’s Friday.)

Please offer me some type of help.

Can you reformat and start from scratch?

I just got the computer back today, like this…I don’t know if there’s anything to reformat back to - if that makes sense

Well, that’s the first thing I would try – do you have the original Windows disk? 

What did Databoy do for you?  Reformat it?

What kind of antivirus do you use?

Databoy gave me a new harddrive, and now I don’t have the windows disk (We don’t remember getting one with the laptop)

I’m using Kaspersky Internet Security.

And now the sound is not working because apparently it’s not plugged in?

I would honestly try for a reformat.  Start from scratch.  Something went wrong with Windows Update.

try turning the av off and then doing the vista updates

I am just worried that if I do a system restore something bad will happen Lol.

Are restores the same as a reformat?

You know all those useless MS help functions that never, ever come up with a solution? System Restore is the biggest, most bloated of them. It’s NOT a proper reinstall.
And if you have a laptop nobody includes the Vista DVD. That’s what all the “make your backup disks now” popups were all about when you first bought it.

Find a friend with an XP install disk? :smiley:

Hurray! The system restore fixed the windows update problem so I can install MSN and other programs, but I have no sound?! Unless I have headphones plugged in.