Entrance to Prince Rupert Harbour

There are two main entrances to the Prince Rupert harbour, one is Metlakatla Pass, is there a name for the other one? I am not refering to Porpose Harbour or Wainright Basin. Just curious.

Metlakatla Pass is actually called Venn Pass. And the main entrance is just the main entrance, on the chart it is just call Prince Rupert Harbor

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I have heard of some people in the fishing industry and tourism just refer to it as the south entrance.

metlakatla pass is not a main entrance it is a secondary entrance used by smaller vessels. You wont see any of the bigger draggers attempt metlakatla pass on low tide.

So, for smaller vessels travelling into Prince Rupert from the north, and Metlakatla people, would this not qualify as THE main entrance to the harbour?
I hate how people are so quick to judge, just because Metlakatla Pass is not as deep or as wide, it is considered as “secondary”…pffffft!

haha I know dave, details eh? The main entrance to rupert harbour is from the south and the other is a pass. Don’t know the diff? try taking a boat that draws 9feet through metlakatla at zero tide I suggest you try the main entrance first though.

Technically, Prince Rupert Harbour extends far past where most people think it does. The actual harbour limit on Venn Passage is on the outside of Metlakatla, extending from Straith Point to Observation Point in Metlakatla Bay, just inside of Tugwell. On the other entrance, the harbour extends far out to encompass numerous anchorages, the Kinahans, Greentop, Holland Rock, etc.

Why is this an important distinction? Because Ridley is considered by some to not be in the harbour, as evidenced by some of the replies about the approaches. You’re hitting the harbour limits coming past the Lawyers in either Malacca or Marcus Passage. And coming from Lucy or the Rachaels? That’s Hecate Strait.

I know the question was really about what the name was for the narrow stretch coming past Digby from the south but in reality, freighters are in the harbour for an hour before they get inside to drop hook.