Enter wireless key greys out

Here’s a Windows problem I’ve yet to see anyone posting about: The system will connect fine to an OPEN wireless network. Anything else, faster that you can move a mouse the “Enter Network Security Key” field pops up and greys out.
Guessing it to be a problem with Policy, but gpedit comes back with no such program. There is no Local Policy editor either.
There was a hard drive problem and she’s getting a new SSD and fresh install anyways, but I wonder if anyone else has seen this exact problem?

I’ve seen this behaviour before. It was either:

  • Windows needed to be updated (certificates revoked and changed)
  • The time / date time was way off on the computer
  • The driver for the network card needed to be updated (to support newer encryption)

Any one of those apply?

Drivers we up to date, time was ok. BUT - hadn’t downloaded 1607 and yet check for updates said up to date.
Did a chkdsk as they said it was locking up all the time and slow - it ran for hours and hours. Gotta be some system files in bad sectors.
She’ll like it with a new SSD and 1607 with no damn HP crapware or ‘helpers’ the kids downloaded.

So the other place I’ve seen this kind of behaviour was with a malware install (Trojan I think), that intercepted all network-related stuff and sent it to a server in California.

But for some reason, it also messed with the encryption. I guess to do a proper MITM attack.

So the computer worked just fine on wired or unencrypted wifi, but not on encrypted wifi.

But in all the times I’ve seen these symptoms, it’s been in Windows 7, not Windows 10.

I dislike it when my teenager uses my one Windows 10 laptop(up to date with 1607). I’ve taken to directing her to use a sandbox browser. She picks up less crap this way.

I think I’ll change the name of my business to LAZARUS COMPUTER REPAIR.
My adult ed teacher friend keeps sending people with systems they want to upgrade when they really need a wooden stake driven through their motherboards!
I like cpubenchmark, my rule of thumb is your CPU should rate at least 3000 to spend over $100 on. Just got an eMachine - rates 415
It’s also the 3rd one in a row with Win7 because “my brother in law knows all about computers and he said Windows 10 is no good”… AKKK!
I bite my tongue and take their money.

So guess what it was?
The b on the HP wireless keyboard was red instead of white like the other keys. Standing up and looking straight down I noticed a faded red line under the FN key. As both wifi passwords here start with a “b” it was greying out the windows and not letting you enter anything.
Pressed FN & b… it’s all good. Have no idea WTF that key was purposed for, but found a BIOS setting and shut it off.

That’s crazy! hahahaha!

Reason #456 for me to go Full Negan on the next guy who brags his computer’s and HP.
The thing now runs like a charm with JUST Windows 10 1607. Boots to desktop in under 20 seconds.