Energy breakthrough?

Has anyone here heard of the tilley foundation? Check out the claims of this inventor. It could revolutionize the way we use energy.

[quote] After several years of personal accomplishments in the alternative energy industry, Carl B. Tilley was convinced that it was possible to build an electric car that could be powered without the help of external power to keep the battery charged.

The concept to produce a useful electric performance car that would last more than a few hours and would be economical to run, safe to drive around town or across the United States and never use a drop of fuel challenges the future of transportation as we know it today.[/quote]

very interesting stuff.


Hehehe, it was a DeLorean! :smiling_imp:

Flux capacitor!

So it’s good to the environment AND travels through time!

yeah. some are saying that he’s a con man. Actually some pretty strong evidence.

Here’s another page that actually looks into the technology a lot closer. It’s pretty intriguing.


oh. magnets inside magnets. i remember the last time i heard this, it was on wreck beach at ubc, from a guy with no shirt who, after telling us about his idea, and blaming his ex wives for stealing it away, warned us “to stay off the rock”.

the time before that, it was on a river near the skeena, from a guy with no shirt, who after telling us about his idea, and blaming his ex wives from stealing it away, asked us if we could find him some smokes.

4 years exactly between the occurrences, i realized later that night, and im still not sure if it was the same guy.