End of Support for Netscape

The browser that started it all is going the way of the dodo.  I remember when Netscape 1.0 would fit on floppy disk.


Bah, I was using Mosaic on a Sun Sparc workstation long before Netscape :wink:

Cool.  I’ve never worked on a Sun workstation.  Those early Unix years must have been interesting.

good old mosaic, i remember it well

Branded Netscape, WsFTP, Winsock Trumpet, Eudora, couple other gizmos all on the ISP floppy we used to make.
I just ran across a system where the guy was using Netscape 3.0 and Eudora… STILL… some people just don’t like to learn new things at all…

Man, I loved Eudora, it was wonderful until all the ads drove me crazy.  Great software.  I’ve still got a free copy of WS_FTP archived somewhere, good stuff. Ah, the good old days of dial-up, that was fun.

I used LE version of WsFTP all the time, it’s just so damn easy and familiar. Just switched to FireFTP on my laptops, but I have ALL the hosted domains, user, passwords on WsFTP on my work machine.
Remember your complimentary “tilde webpages”?
Rebuilt a server a few years back and got a lot of shit from some stubborn coots who’d rather have www.fsjames.com/~saddles than saddles.fsjames.com etc. It was easier for me than hunting thru some old web mans, and it seemed logical that library.fsjames.com was preferable to www_name_of_town/~library but noooooo! Pissed 'em off, it did.

Yes, that LE version is the one I have archived, nice, clean, fast. :smile: 
Heh, I still have my tilde page.  I ran a home server with my own domain a few years ago.  I still have a spare static IP address; I might run a home server again at some point.