End of an Era?

I found this Time article which provides a postmortem on the mid-term election down south.  One of the interesting observations in the article suggests that one of Bush’s biggest blunders was waiting until after the election to sack Rumsfeld.


Well, he spent the last 6 years standing by Rumsfeld, and insisting he supported him 100%

If he fired him just before the election, it would have been an admission that Rumsfeld has screwed up.

Bush – or should we say Rove, since he’s the one calling the shots – was in a no-win situation.  Sort of like Iraq.

Too bad the media didn’t cooperate and make the Saddam verdict the top story.  Does anybody doubt that the timing of the verdict was orchestrated by Rove?

Yes.  Agreed.  Rove was indeed in a no win situation.  I am very pleased that America saw through the negative campaigning by the GOP and that they rejected Bush’s Iraq policy.  It will be interesting indeed to see how the Democrats play their cards in the lead-up to 08.  I hope the Dems choose a solid candidate this time. 

I hope with the change in the balance in power that all the strides in the economic relations that have been made in the last few years remain in tact. Democrats are very pro protection of jobs in America. Plenty of things like Hollywood North and forestry seem to be in for a bit of trouble in the next while by the sounds of it all.

I’ll agree that having Harper in charge has eased the chill somewhat between Canada and the US.    But, that friendly banter has not translated into a good deal for us in softwood lumber.  We’re still owed billions in unfair tariffs that were taken from us.

If America can come to its senses, so can we… :imp:

Agreed.  I’m hopeful that Harper won’t be in for several terms.