Enbridge Prince Rupert route re-examined

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I checked the link and it doesn’t seem to work. There was a story in the Washington Post and in the Globe and Mail this weekend on enbridge taking another look at the prince rupert route. They are wondering if there might be a route that avoids going down the Skeena

One would think that they examined the Prince Rupert option pretty thoroughly, and from the Enbrdidge website came to the conclusion,
“We considered Prince Rupert and Kitimat as possible locations. We carried out a feasibility study that took into account a number of considerations. The study found that the routes to Prince Rupert were too steep to safely run the pipeline, and that Kitimat was the best and safest option available.”

So do they want us to believe now that Prince Rupert is a safer option?
There is 3 reasons I personally will never support this project.

  1. We have seen natural gas lines get taken out by slides in recent years, and with the changing weather more slides are likely with breaks in the line always possible.
  2. Human error will always occur and with the average supertankers 80 million gallon capacity a spill would be devasting.
  3. I believe scientist David Schindler when he told the committee that the project was directly polluting the Athabasca River. In particular, industry emissions were now depositing substantial volumes of bitumen, heavy metals and fish-killing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on the landscape which then run-off into the river. (After his appearance, Schindler published a peer-reviewed paper in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showing that air pollution alone created the equivalent of an annual 5,000-barrel oil spill on the Athabasca River.)

As I write often for WaPo, I know how to talk to them…

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well if not enbridge then CN will run oil from the tarsands via special tanker cars to Prince Rupert, they are reviewing this option and since they allready have right of way I don’t think they need enviromental approval

Running the pipeline to prince rupert would guarantee the skeena river would be polluted and useless for years to come.

Agreed. The pipeline is a terrible idea in my opinion.