Enbridge opposition meeting Tuesday Feb. 28th

Fishermen’s Hall 7 PM Tuesday Feruary 28th. There is a meeting to organize together all various the people and organizations that want to speak out against the enbridge project and get everyone on the same page to strategize , co-ordinate efforts, pool resources and fight this thing together instead of seperately. Show big business and the harper government that we will NOT be muzzled by thier lawyers, farcical review panels and process of bullshit, and that the people of this region will speak with one very loud voice. Come out and let your voice be heard, we need to unite and stand together to support each other and send this message loud and clear. We will not stand by and be ignored and we cannot allow them to just do whatever they want regardless of the consequences, what they are doing is wrong pure and simple.

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Would you happen to know who will facilitate & who is actually spearheading the meeting?

How did you find out about the meeting date & time?

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this meeting was put together by various concerned parties right after the jpr hearsing adjourned here in prince rupert. JT city councilor and union rep suggested the time & place. see you there! NO PIPLELINE NO TANKERS NO PROBLEM

say no

So reading my Bourque News and there was a good write up of the Good Seech or talk from Lee Brain last week. About a 26years youmg son of an Oil Executive . He soke very well consider some woman kept getting in the way by trying to cut him off.

sorry I missed it… is there a contact to get involved?

Oil price rises after fire shuts Enbridge’s Illinois pipeline
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