Elections BC/Craig James

Now I am sure that the vote would not likely have been any different.

However, Craig James was put in place by the Liberals rather than an all-party committee as is custom. He replaced his predecessor who had made decisions that upset the government. He made changes to the organization including getting rid of the assistant head even though James’ position was temporary. He made controversial decisions involving the sending of the petition results to the legislature and nitpicking about the wording of the recall initiative. Now he is nowhere to be seen during an important by-election leaving a complaint of this nature to the new assistant.

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If you read the comments especially the ones from sunshine girl who made the complaint and look at the photo, it is clear that Christy Clark was breaking the rules of electioneering within 100m of a polling station.

Other commentators are curious about why the mainstream media are not reporting the story and in fact why they thought it was newsworthy to post a picture of her delivering lunch.

It is not so much that the election results might have been different, it’s just another incident where Elections BC loses credibility. And it is certainly another example of the bias of the mainstream media.