Election Results

Here’s the direct link for Skeena-Bulkley Valley results:


I think this link works (Okay…when I first clicked on MiG’s link I got the overall results, but now his link works)

Actually, it doesn’t. You have to type in your postal code.

Then it remembers it.

Or use the CBC:


Reruns of Seinfeld are much better than any election show on tv.

I’m playing Poker on my G5 and have the Skeena-Bulkley Valley results in a window, refreshing.

"You have to try to bluff the public, and the public knows and expects this.
In other words, you can’t say anything sensible. It’s got to be all bullshit during an election campaign."
– John Crosbie, Vancouver Sun, July 18 1996

Cullen is seriously leading now.

It’s still pretty early, and I’ll bet those are the small polls reporting.

Way to have your finger on the pulse, man.

CBC Radio just declared Nathan the winner. The coverage on Radio One is BC specific if anyone’s interested.

Guess you were wrong.

What amazed me with the last three elections is how absolutely sure the Liberals (and Conservatives in this election) that they were going to win the local riding.

Then when they lost, they were dumbfounded. Perhaps it’s because their “circles” doesn’t really include the majority of the people? I don’t know.

Any ideas?

The Liberals and Reformers that I know were absolutely convinced that there was no way Cullen would win. Where did that absolute conviction come from? If they could figure out why they believed that beyond a doubt, they’d probably learn a valuable lesson about campaiging.

Is it because the only people that they talked to in their day-to-day lives are conservative as well? Perhaps. I’ve voted NDP in the last 4 or 5 elections, but pretty much every day I interact with people who are Liberals, Reformers, CHP’s, etc. I didn’t take Nathan’s victory for granted, but I wonder why my Reform friends were so sure that he would lose?

I think people didn’t expect Cullen to win because the people that vote for Cullen are sneaky about it. Conservatives and Liberals are pushy, and will argue with you to no end if you tell them you’re voting for the NDP :laughing: … I’m guessing the rest of us just didn’t want to bother listening to the crap and just told people we were voting otherwise :smiley:

I can’t believe anyone actually thought that the NDP wouldn’t win here?

However, I don’t want to try to sound like I am indicative of the average voter or anything. I think that my social circles probably have a heavy NDP slant.

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The only way I was ever going to vote for Scott was if he brought me Pizza Pockets to work.

Harper is the leader of our country now.

Excellent, excellent. Tax breaks. Federalists in Quebec. No one who’ll support draconian social legislations…


Nathan Cullen voted to support another $70 million injection into continued funding of the Gun Registry to try to help a Liberal minority government work despite that he told his constituents he would not support it.

Should Cullen now vote in favour of scrapping the Gun Registry in order to help a minority Conservative government work???

And a majority of his constituents were apparently ok with that.

Thats not what I asked…

Many have other issues that are more important to them. Someare diehard NDPers, some are aboriginal, some are scared of Scott seeing as he apparentlywanted us to arm ourselves. Many issues other than the Gun Registry. Still waiting for an answer to my question…


And a majority of his constituents were apparently ok with that.[/quote]

Yeah, there seems to be only one person here who has a problem with that…