Election issues

Besides Community Health , Our Issues being Gabes what else is out there or do we have to wait for the Public forum? How is that going to playout with 18 candidates especially when you have someone like Lothar Schiese who does not know what 5 min. is never mind 2 min. Has anyone mentioned when this show will go down? Everyone seems low key.

Could you make a little more sense? Reading your post is like seeing only one side of a private conversation.


I can only call it how I see it, sure would do a shitty job if I spoke your mind or someone like Mig’s, pretty sure he writes his mind .Certainly do not want to go there especially yours.

I’m not telling you to stop posting your mind, just write it a bit clearer. As you say, Miguel posts his thoughts. The big difference is that he makes sense when he posts. I can only assume that by posting your thoughts you actually WANT people to understand you. I’m just saying that I’m having a hard time doing that.

Am I the only one not understanding him clearly?


Yeah justincase! You’re not on MSN anymore!

Well there you go,screwed up once more thanks for pointing that out.So who you voting for Fitzpatrick? You sound like you have an issue

Yes, so who is this Fitzpatrick voting for?

That isn’t what you meant, is it? That’s just the way it comes across. I’m pretty sure that someone already has the “we don’t understand what you’re trying to say” angle covered.

I will make every attempt to be more clear from this post forward but I can not help speaking my mind when it comes to that list of candidates which looks like a small village phone book.

Dude, speak your mind, that’s exactly what this forum needs more of.

I’m just saying that your message is lost in the translation.

Yeah, it seems that what you think and what you write might be totally different. I honestly have no idea what your original post was supposed to mean, no offense intended. Clarity is the key my friend.

Eso, I knew that you have an open mind. Its just when I get going on some of these wanna be local politicians with their coming out of the hideout every three years with promises and the shaking babys and kissing hands it makes my French/Metis blood boil, it all all sounds good in my head but so does alot of other stuff which will never be allowed yet

Well you’ve been making a lot more sense in your last posts so keep it up. I enjoy reading people’s thoughts, whether I agree with them or not. It takes courage to speak your mind and not just be a lurker like most people who frequent Mig’s forums and never bother to register.


Hey y’all.

Long list of candidates. Lots to think about. A few union heads, a few NDP’ers, a couple of small business type, a few re-runs…looks like a good mix. I am a little concerned about the possible number of NDP candidates. Im sure that they would all be good but all at the same time could be dangerous. You have to assume that DeBartolo and Thorkelson are NDP supporters as they are labour leaders. Bowles is NDP and so is Fitzpatrick. Now say you get those four elected and Rendell gets the mayoral spot and you have 5 out of 7 NDP. It is possible that strong NDP supporters could run the board. Not that they are not good candidates but I think that a good mix of views is essential.

Here are my votes as of today. This might change.

Mayor: Rendell


De Bartolo

Maybes: Need to learn more about all of them


Definitely nots: The three incumbents are a waste of skin and Danielle has done a few things that make me shake my head. Better candidates to be elected.


I have a hunch that Lothar Schiese is our one and only anonymouse. I might be wrong and maybe he’ll come out and let me know one way or the other.

Well speaking the mind is easy but as I mentioned earlier when the blood gets moving too fast and I become the radical as some have seen, that is when I am usually not invited to the meetings when the social issues are addressed, so I would probably say this the best place to be.I am looking forward to a public forum if they dare have one for what it is worth as if it has not been said before. There must be someone out of 18 who has good fresh real ideas but then he or she must find four or five to work with those ideas. Thats the puzzle.

hackingthemainframe.com: an instrument of social revolution.

Viva la Revolution!

I hear Mr. Debabartolo is saying or trying project and evening though his is NDP, he is running for the people of Prince Rupert.Maybe I can accept that he is a union person and not all of them are NDP. Marty Bowles at least he is up front with what he believes and yes he works for everyone he represents.Vassallo we know he can write good artices and he is a pleasent person to know. Mclean fourth or fifth time he runs, still have no idea what he is all about. Keeps changing ideas, ask Dorthy. Now Fitzpatrick is just pissed
off , probably has no idea why. maybe its Lothar .Hopefully its not a slate.

Participating in your local elections is no easy feet. Or jaw. Or fingers…
And you get to use all that stuff you thought was useless in school. Like English! So that when your local rag asks all the candidates to write about two issues facing your town, you can not only pick JUST TWO, you can write your heart out, reread the request and toss out three hours work because they’ll only take 250 words.
It takes skill to toss out 1500 words and still say what you want to say coherently. Or should I say succinctly? See what I mean?

I’ll keep the other 1500 words for the all candidates meet…

Really? People here want Herb Pond in again as Mayor?

Who said that? Herb does , Gloria does not . Who is prettier.