Election Day

Polls open today at 8:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM. Please remember to bring your identification with you to the Civic Center.
Let us get out and vote today.

Yes - hopefully we can get more than 51% this year for turnout.

My Official prediction: Sadly the BC NDP will win the province with a majority government.

Friendly bet bathe dog?

just go vote you can’t bitch about governments if you don’t vote, even if you spoil your ballot because you don’t like any party go vote

Friendly bet that the Liberals win?

I’ll take you up on that bet and hope you WIN it!

The polls close in a little over two hours. Please get out and vote, folks. I think democracy is a wonderful thing.

My Official prediction: Sadly the BC NDP will win the province with a majority government.[/quote]

I think you are likely correct that the NDP will win. I still don’t feel confident in making a prediction. The official polls seem to be in the NDP’s favour.

Unless the $10 guy pulls a Danielle Smith on himself.

It’s going the be very tight overall and the only thing that’ll surprise me is if Cummins or Sterk wins. In our riding I expect it to be much closer than the last election and Fraser should have a better run than Herb Pond did. In all likelihood Jen Rice will pull it off though.

Where do we go online for local results ?

Elections BC?


Turn on your TV like the rest of us…

North Coast results: cbc.ca/news/canada/bcvotes2013/#/39

General results: cbc.ca/news/canada/bcvotes2013/

Early numbers

4% reporting

Rice 42 votes
Fraser 4 votes
Hondo 2 votes


Liberal 29
NDP 18
Green 1
Other 1
Cons 0

Election is looking a lot like 2009 with a Liberal majority. Global just declared Jennifer Rice elected. Interestingly, our neighboring riding has Carol Leclerc, a Liberal, out in front.

CTV just called it for the Liberals.

What a surprise we stay the course more or less

That could backfire on them. Most are only reporting about 50% of polls and ridings that are close could change quickly.

Worst case scenerio for me tonight. Was thinking NDP was going to win locally and Provincially and we would have a represenitive in power.
Now we have a local NDP rep and LIberal Government in power, and the other riding(Kitimat) with potential LNG terminals looks as though it will have a Liberal MLA to go to bat for them.

CBC called it too.