Eight below

Watch the trailer and then see if you can recognize where a lot of shots were filmed (this should be easy.)



They were filming during spring break last year. We were staying in a cabin on the mountain while this was happening. Every morning the crew would go by in those snow vehicles right by the green T-Bar.

Hey! I’ve skinned up there!

Skinned what? Not my precious goat I hope.

I prefer my goats shaved.

I like em waxed.


Skinned what? Not my precious goat I hope.[/quote]

Ski skins, smarty pants goat waxer.

That reminds me… I haven’t skinned for over a year. The whole “sell my fat sticks because i’m getting new ones only to have those get stuck at the border for ever and ever” was no fun.

I have 310 Skinning with my Finkle’s Skinner equipped.