Economic recession?

So in light of all the craziness happening lately anyone care to predict the future for Canada’s economy? 

Should I start saving my leather boots to boil into soup or what?

Well, hmm, the Prime Minister did say that this was  a great time to pick up some bargains on the stock market, so perhaps you should sell the boots and buy stock for Campbells soup… :unamused:

I have no doubt Canada is in for a rough ride. When 80% of your customer base (the US) is in the poor house you will suffer.

I believe the ‘strength’ of the Greenback is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Wait until the election is over and see what’s really going on.You can only look rich and powerful on your credit card for so long, then it’s time to pay the bills. With the amount of Greenbacks held by China, I wouldn’t doubt they are quietly buying large amounts of gold, at bargain basement prices, right now.

I wouldn’t venture a guess on how long this goes on for but when the US house of cards starts to crumble we are still in deep doodoo. I hope Canadian business starts looking much harder at Asian markets for our products. We must reduce our reliance on the US as our primary customer.

I have a tough time believing it’s the right time to pick up ‘bargains’ that might end up sliding even further down the toilet for awhile to come. 

However one interesting thing I’ve read is some export industries might actually benefit from a low valued loonie.  I wonder if this might revitalize BC’s forest industry in the coming year? 

The low loonie is great for Fishing.

Heh, a liter of gas is $1.15 at Chevron today, that’s the lowest I’ve seen in awhile.

the lower Canadian  dollar has caused me to stop Ebaying… :cry:


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Nope - not for quite awhile, is my feeling.  The housing market is in the toilet - and consumers are not going to start spending freely anytime soon, making the other products of the forest industry in way less demand.  The market was flooded with forest products from this province - there was no doubt that eventually this would have to correct itself to balance production with demand.  Add to that the housing market crashing and demand becomes next to nil.  Also, newer and more economically efficient producers (such as China) are making it hard for older mills in BC to compete on the world stage. 

I just wish I had some disposable cash to buy up the tanking stocks.  Sure they might dip a little lower right now, but there is no doubt that they will definitely come back - it’s just a matter of being comfortable enough (monetarily) in buying those stocks and sitting on them.

Some people go bankrupt in recessions, but smart investors make a killing. Believe it or not, many people came out of the Great Depression WAY better off than they were going into it–lots of those people weren’t speculating, and were quite comfortable already though.

I’ve really been ragging on my dad’s band because they haven’t picked up that song yet.

This part of the “Business Cycle” is “The fleecing of the sheep”.  Wealth is never destroyed, just transfered, usually into the hands of those who already have.  The capitalist system is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, create a plutocracy, rich and poor.  Wall Street is one huge pyramid scheme.  Flooding the system with even more credit is not going to do a damn thing.  The pigs at the top of the pile, making 500+ mill, for pushing paper, need to take a pay-cut, and those who are being exploited with slave wages, need a raise.  People can’t pay the bill’s.  It’s not going to get better anytime soon.

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

LMAO, that guy is intense. :smiley:

McSash, is that you? :imp:

Easy now John boy…  :smiley:

huh? :confused:

Economics is not a science, but a religion. It requires blind faith, obedience to words, written on paper, and a massive exploitation of humans and Mother Earth.  An elite few, who don’t care about you or I, will profit.  In reality, if we keep on overproducing, and consuming at a rate beyond natural growth, our children will be left with nothing.
Who will gain from this massive market retreat, and what is next for Humanity?
I can guess.
That little arrow that keeps reaching for higher ground, is fake.
Look around you.
I feel I’ve been lied to my whole life…

We’ve been being lied to since the begining. There is no freedom, just the illusion of it. And it will be much much worse after all of this is said and done.

Monkeys control television, and hobbits are behind 9/11.