Ebay scam?

When people are selling stuff on ebay, do you think they can make another user
and bid on there own stuff.( so they can get more money)  I think this happend to me.  All of a sudden a guy out bid me.
Hey didnt have one comment about him on his ebay history.

He might be a new user.

He might be sniping (waiting until the last minute to bid, so you don’t have a chance to outbid him before the auction ends).

Did the auction end?  What’s the link to the auction?

Shill bidding (using a fake account to drive up the price) doesn’t really work too well on ebay because you can just walk away from the auction and not bid again – and then the seller is stuck paying for the auction.

You should also watch for fishing sites too. I have had a few emails about people fishing for your username and pass. I had one gy contact me when i was selling my laptop on ebay he sent me a link that looks just like ebay but it was not. It was weird to see a member email me, probably a hacked ebay Account.  I have also reported a few fishing people too. Phoning the isp or emailing hosting companies saying there is a pay-pal / ebay fishing site hosted on the server. 

cgi.ebay.com/Ibanez-JEM-555-Jr-W … dZViewItem

Looks like a new user. You’ll know in 10 minutes. Looks like 30 bids so far.

The seller has almost 1700 comments in his feedback, I doubt very much that he is scamming you.  Most likely somebody is willing to pay more than you are.

Here’s a hint for buying on ebay: never ever get into a bidding war, because you’ll end up paying more than you wanted to pay. Instead, bid low on a bunch of similar items. Then if you win, great, if not, no money lost.

Oh, and you should be using ebay.ca, not ebay.com, just so you can filter those who ship to Canada, and see stuff in Canadian dollars.

Wow it jumped up to 300$ last 30seconds.  People just sit there and wait.

300 for that neck and 30 shipping, i think i might just get a new guitar

They’re probably using sniping software.  You basically tell it to bid 5 or 6 seconds before the auction closes.

Yeah, I was bidding on some items and was following the bidding closely. I left the computer with 45 seconds to go on the auction (sometimes you’ve just gotta pee right?) when I got back there had been a flurry of bids and the price more than tripled.
I usually do what MiG says and decide what I’m willing to pay and don’t bid above it.

dont be fooled .

people get others to bid on their items to drive the price up. If the buyer walks then they just take a hit and say it got paid then put it back on in a few days again…A buddy of mine does this says some times he gets tripple what its worth.