Easter Weekend

What’s up everyone, just a heads up about the Prince Rupert Rotary Club’s annual Comunity Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow starting at 11:30 a.m. sharp at Waterfront Park. Overwaitea donated a bunch of plush prizes for the event, and it should be a blast. Aimed at kids 10 and under, so if you have little ones or know someone who does, the more the merrier.

Also don’t forget about the Civic Centre Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Swim on Sunday.

Hope you all have a great long weekend.

The Rotary Easter Egg Hunt was awesome, despite the rain.  Thanks to those who organized it, very much appreciated.  The kid loved it.

haha which one, you or X?

Both of us :wink:  He really loved it once he realized there were eggs hidden everywhere. 

It was very nice, and great that kids who didn’t get a lot of eggs got a plush toy. I even got a pair of furry rabbit ears a perfect match to go with the fuzzy bunny slippers and bunny outfit for tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone!

Heh-heh, now that would be a sight for sore eyes.  :smile:  My six year old is still asleep, the eggs are hidden, she loves this stuff.