Easter Jokes

What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

Bugs Bunny  :smiley:

Jesus walks into an Inn at Easter Time,
,plunks four spikes on the counter and asks “Can you put me up for the night?”

as bad as the old
*I can see your house from up here *

Joe from Fort St James meets St Peter at the Pearly Gates. Peter says he must answer a question to get in, so lets see what you know about Easter.
Well, dey put Jesus up on da cross and he hung all day and died and dat’s why dey call it Good Friday. Den dey took his body down and put him in a cave and rolled dis big rock in front and sealed him up. Den on Sunday, dey call dat Easter, cuz that big rock rolled right outa da way and Jesus cam walkin’ right out into da sunshine…
Well that’s fantastic Joe, just walk right in through the gate…
HEY! Don’t interrupt you fuckin asshole! So Jesus comes into the sunshine and sees his shadow, so he has to go back in for annuder 60 days…

Easter in the Fort: when the dog turds bloom in the melting snow.

herbie, thanks for that, man.  Funny stuff. :sunglasses:

Okay this is a little rude, but what the hell, it’s all I got. I hope the Moderators are feeling tolerant.
Q - Why does the Easter Bunny hide his Easter eggs?
A - He doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s been Fucking Chickens.

Peter! Peter! I can see your house from here!

If this doesn’t get the thread sent to the Wasteland I’ll be very surprised.

Jesus and Moses decided to go down to Earth one day to visit a whorehouse.  Moses offers to let Jesus go first, and sits down in the lobby reading a magazine.

About two minutes later Jesus comes back down with a look of shame on his face, like an altar boy who got caught stealing sacramental wine.  Moses says “Jesus Christ, that was quick!  What happened?”

Jesus answered “I’m such an idiot!  She laid down on the bed and showed me her hole, and before I knew what I was doing, I healed the damn thing shut!”


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