Earthquake Animations

This I found very interesting with the wake of the new quakes this weeks. I have been a bit worried these past days, with all the activity underground.
I am in the midst of making a website featuring warning and updates for the Coast of British Columbia.

Here is one site to check out that I found interesting.

If we ever got a tidal wave here… it would be 2 inches high. People seem to forget that we are sheltered by the Charlottes.

Not to mention the surrounding Islands directly ouside our harbour… i.e. Digby, Porcher, etc. Not only that, but the waves go though the harbour entrance, and if they kept going in a straight line it would hit digby before rupert. I also like on that diagram that rupert it pretty sheltered from earthquake activity. We’re 200 some miles from the nearest fault line, which means, in most cases we would only feel a small quake, and none of which would cause damage. I’m not saying that a big one won’t hit rupert, I’m just saying that given our global positioning, it’s very unlikely.

What makes the tsunami’s so destructive is the fact it gradually goes through shallower and shallower water which forces the wave up. Rupert is a very deep harbour so I doubt it would be of much significance.