Earth quake preparedness

Good morning residents, here is a link to the Emergency management BC site.
There are a number of suggestions for what to do in case of earthquake or other disaster.
have a great day! … ation.html

Sirens, horns, air horns, people yelling; heck,marine flares, something to alert sleeping folk that our community was facing another tsunami warning would have helped this last time. We need to know. Needing to know has nothing to do with panic.

 Our "Go" bags sat shaking in the closet. Emergency planning means nothing without initial communication.  Our leaders need to decide on a Communication Plan.  But hey, if that doesn't happen soon, we are looking at buying an air horn at Acklands for our kit. 
 Our community lags behind others. Craig, Alaska evacuates to 125 feet.  Little Queen Charlotte City has a more effective procedure than we do. Lets copy these coastal towns.

It seems families should research something like the Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre (info I got off of this site) to at least be aware of where we actually stand with a Potential Tsunami & yes, what is the bug out procedure.

With the actions of the RCMP & FireHall, going door to door, blocking off roads on waterfront, etc…there must be something up!

Many people apparently did simply ask…“what are we supposed to do?”

What we understand is that if we physically feel the earthquake, that we should be on our way to higher ground asap. (believe this is stated in Alaska & Oregon sites)
This would mean preparedness would already be in place: Communication,Totes, packs, or what ever, with supplies packed and ready to go & a meeting place.

For whatever reason, the municipality is way behind, we are all definately on our own & I think safe to say, families would be better off making their own plans…this is not at all political to us.

Horns would be appreciated by this family or any other form of alert. … utc-5-4-10

we just had another one a while ago… 5.4