Earth Hour

Having issues browsing this thread on my blackberry. Locked? I didn’t do that I hope.

We shut down everything but the NAS, furnace, and other unpluggable appliances. Playing scrabble under candlelight is a little difficult and cats try to sniff candles… I counted 16 houses of 24 or so that I could see from the front window with their lights on. Grande prairie doesn’t seem to Go for this sort of thing. A city vs city contest is a good idea.

Yeah, in my neck of the woods (Pineridge area) my house was dark…but…not many of my neighbours were. :smiley: 
Nope.  Thread isn’t locked.

I didn’t shut down until 9.  I was intending to shut down at the right time, but I was still getting my YOUNG kids to bed. Hard to do that by candle light!  But I was shut down from 9 until midnight. (I fell asleep right away after I turned the lights out, and didn’t wake up until my husband came home from work and turned all the lights back on).  The only other house I could notice with all the lights off in my immediate area was the house with the school aged kids.

Will the last person leaving Rupert please turn out the lights.

When I turned out all the lights, everyone went crazy…screaming and cheering loud just like those Hydro Power smart commercials.  :smiley: