Earth Hour

Is anyone going to be participating in Earth Hour tonight at 8:30?  I’ll be shutting off my lights and gear at 8:30.  I think this is a worthwhile idea.  I enjoyed Earth Hour last year. :smile:

i celebrate earth night every night :wink:

go to bed shut off lights tv , pc

or you could be like bc hydro lately and shut off blocks of houses at a time for an hour or 2 lol

but seriously is there anything downtown this year for it?

I’m not sure.  My 6 year old is looking forward to Earth Hour:-)  Story time by candle light will be cool.  :sunglasses:

the Credit Union is doing something… I don’t know the details, but there’s a campfire or something.  I don’t think that a campfire is all that earth friendly, but who am I to say?

HTMF will be offline, as it’s hosted in my basement :wink:

It will be back at 9:30 PM.

I’m going to turn on all my lights, appliances, heat and maybe even my car just to offset all your efforts. Muahahahaha… cough  :imp:

LMAO :smiley:

Awesome:)  I get twitchy when I’m off-line in the evening, but, this is a good cause methinks.

We’re shutting off the tv,lights and computer for the hour. A little candle-light reading to fill the time instead. We’re reasonably light on the juice around here (we are at the lowest billing level for hydro, not bad for a family of four) so it’s not hard to shut off the couple of lights and ignore the urge to stare blankly at a screen for a little while… :smiley:

My 6 year old asked me if Bugs Bunny would be finished before Earth Hour starts.  I assured her that she will be able to watch Bugs prior to lights out.  Fun stuff.  :smile:

I almost burnt down a friend’s house last year during Earth Hour. A candle lit a fake potted plant on fire. This year, no candles.

Good point.  We will use candles responsibly this year.  We’ve also got flashlights.  :smile:

hopefully they dont shut off the movie when i go to the theatre tonight. i would feel ripped off lol

I will be on foot patrol tonight… not even a battery-operated hand held will be in possession.  However, and on the flip side of excitement, I will be toting my high-powered paintball gun, which has an awesome velocity of 700 feet per second, truly an awesome piece of gaming equipment.  I plan to “look for the light” in those who are neither capable nor willing to honour our precious earth hour.  By morning, the community will have no problem in deciphering who did NOT “light out”.  lol



You would have been able to empty a couple of clips in my neighbourhood-I think there was maybe two other homes that were “turning out”. The irony is that we’re getting some pretty high winds down here right now, which may mean a REAL power failure if a few well-placed trees should get knocked over.

Candle-light is somewhat romantic but can be a bitch to read by. Even the dogs were wondering if the dim lights meant it was bed-time and they kept whining at us, heh-heh.

Did not notice any real difference in my neighborhood, I almost felt silly being the only one home with the lights of an all my neighbors still had theirs on.  I think we need to really sell this, by competing against other communities (some how)

Every little bit helps, but its really just a symbolic gesture. Its all about Copenhagen.

Yeah we missed HTMF, but we survived

Hmm, judging from what we’ve been watching on television about you southern dwellers, letting loose a clip in suburban neighbourhoods is not all that uncommon, Earth night or no earth night… :imp:

Yeah well, my neighbourhood is so quiet that the only time we see cops is if they make a wrong turn on the way to Timmy’s.  :unamused: