Early morning cooking fire gets out of control

An early morning fire in Prince Rupert has left a basement suite heavily damaged and charred, but the Prince Rupert Fire Department was able to contain the blaze before it burned the upstairs suite or the house next door.

bclocalnews.com/bc_north/the … 68609.html

Thanks to the Fire Dept for a quick response, the outcome could have been far worse. I know the neighbours on both sides. Add another notch to DON"T THINK OF MAKING THE FIRE HALL VOLUNTEER!

It’s Auxilliary not volunteer fire dept. Big difference!!!

I may be wrong but neither group is paid! I for one would hope that should this change occur it would be done thru a referrendum.

Apparently the house has suffered quite a bit of damage to the point of tear down! Lucky lucky that no one was hurt.

Check it out Mr.Maxwell,we are one of the only cities in B.C. that did NOT have aux firemen,although we did have a few years back.And we are going back to some(not all) aux firemen.