Does anyone know whats going on with the eagles the last few days ?? Im over on Ambrose and there must be between 30-50 eagles just soaring around here for the last 3 days. Is it mating season or are they just waiting for handouts from the cannery down below

fish plant is running, was down at rushbrook ad there were about 50 in the trees and 20 or more riding the thermals  :smiley:

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nice pics astro

Also seals and Sea Otters :smiley:

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Thanks Bandit :smiley:

Yes, nice pics indeed. I need to get out more with my zoom lens. Got some nice Zoo photos yesterday though.

Very nice pictures, astro! :sunglasses:

cool pix  :sunglasses:

I love your photography, Astro.

oh yes astro, i just love your photography, lmao  :stuck_out_tongue:

My closest to an Eagle photo from yesterday was this Condor. I believe his name is Lorenzo, and is a 20-year-old Andean Condor. His wingspan is easily larger than I am tall.

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