Eagle's BLuff

There is a petition going around town to change the zoning for the rest of Eagle’s Bluff. Right now it is a commercial zoned lot and although the city says they plan to preserve the land by building trails and putting up park benches, the “door” is still open for buyers should they put in a bid with the city to purchase the lot. So my friends and I wanting to change the lot to a park zone so that it will stay as is. Granted this town needs jobs but there are so many empty buildings downtown that could be filled up first before developing more. After all I believe that bussiness owners in the downtown core would like visitors to shop in their store as well not just in Cow Bay. Please pass on the word and if your in CowBay over the next couple of days sneak a peak at the hugh banner above Eagle’s Bluff.

Here’s a photo of the banner from yesterday:


What about saving the trees in front of the court house? I think that is also a worthwhile cause. Another idea (as we are listing local causes), I remember from a trip to Georgia seeing local inmates assigned to garbage pick-up along local roads and highways. As the snow on the sides of the roads is quickly disappearing, the piles of litter are uncovered. Restorative justice idea? What do you think?

And just think about how many trees died to make that banner.

Probably printed on hemp-based cloth.

that banner is freakin hugh!!!



If you would like to save the Trees in front of the court house then start a petition but what we, my friends and I are focused on is the BLUFF down in Cowbay. This is a issue which we choose to take a stand for because it is important to us. I am not a tree hugger. I just like the bluff to stay as is. We also choose to take up this issue because the City had tryed to sell a piece of the property already by putting a small ad in the paper. If the Daily News hadn’t written up a front page article about the sell no one in town would have known until it was too late that a piece of land was sold off. Inreguards to your idea about restorative justice, I think its a great idea and YOU should try and find out more info about doing this intown. Although I have seen once inawhile people picking up garbage along the highway.

We wanted the City to know about our cause and needed to do this quickly as there is a city council meeting on FEB 28,2005 so we made a hugh banner. Granted Trees did die for the banner but if we were that worried about the trees we probably would have chained ourshelves to the trees on the lot that has just recently been sold.

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Sorry but I have very poor language skills but I am good at collecting signatures =)

So now that you all know who we are please track us down and sign this petition if you are in favor of saving the Bluff. We will RESPECT your CHOICE should you choose to not sign so no pressure. Have a great hippie day =)

[quote=“guitargrrl”]Doesn’t anyone use capitals and punctuation anymore?/quote

Just by you writting that question you are a dead give away! ALTHOUGH THE SPELLING FOR YOUR NAME IS ALSO A GIVE AWAY!!![/quote]