Okay here’s a new question…Does anyone have an opinion on E-Readers ?

Software for computer or hardware?

Hardware … I know of the Kobo and Kindell and Sony…plus there’s others.

I use a Kindle almost every day for Instapaper and novels. Works great.

For magazines and websites, I prefer the iPad, though.

I think I would probably go the way of the iPad, it may cost more, but it seems to have much more in the applications and such that you can access.

I know that for the Sportsnet Magazine for instance, it’s pretty sharp, the reproduction of the photos is quite vivid and the quality of the typeface for the articles is very easy to read.

it depends what you want in an e reader…if you want something strictly to read books with than the kobo is great. Its much lighter than an ipad and hundreds of dollars cheaper…you can spend 200 and get a kobo vox which is a type of tablet…much like an itouch but larger…still lighter than an ipad and comes with colour and the android apps.
Lots to choose from out there with lots of different prices…google is your friend :wink: