DVD Players w XVID Playback

Just wondering what players you slots and slats are using to play your burnt DVD-R media containing DIVX/XVID/MPEG4 etc…

I was snooping around in Futureshop and notcied they sell a few of these. This LG unit is $10 off, so just $89.

LG DiVX Compatible Progressive Scan DVD Player (LDA-530)

Seems pretty slick for the price… But what codecs do they have and are they upgradable? If DIVX releases a new codec next week, will media files using that codec still play on the DVD player? I’ve been meaning to purchase one of these for a couple of years now.

I have a cheap Electrohome player that I got off of eBay for $40 including shipping. It was brand new, and has worked great for over a year.

So far so good. It’s playing the DVD-R movies that my panasonic and pioneer wouldn’t read. I’ll try a DIVX/XVID/MPEG4 test later on.

Sweeet! Dumped 2 folders of Trailer Bark Toys on to a DVD-R and the player lets you browse the folders and pick the file you want to watch, or you can set it to autoplay and whatnot… The player itself is pretty cheap looking with only power, eject, play and stop buttons on the unit itself, and the tray is super flimsy but it’s very functional and hasn’t rejected any files yet. New samslung writer should be here any day… 16X burns, yeehaw! I have HDD space again!

Oh, I bought an open_box Sony universal remote too, but it doesn’t work with my TV. Will sell for $10 bucks or trade for blank CD-Rs or something! I think it was $19.99, I paid $13 plus tax… Mint!


Dudez, what program do you use to burn dvds on windows?

Nero… Havn’t ever used anything else.

I’ve been burning DVDs that are playable in pretty much any DVD player, but it takes forever to convert the data to mpeg-2 or whatever.

I had this player for a couple of months now, and I’ve had no problems - until last night. I just installed a DVD burner on my desktop PC(LG GSA-4167B, you can see all the specs here: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=14976).

I put in a blank Fujifilm DVD+R into my new drive. I opened “my computer”, and dragged and dropped 4 .avi movies to my E drive (my new burner), and I got the message that the disk needs to be formatted before it can be burned, so I did that. Than I dropped the files in again. After that I took the DVD and put it in my player, I got the message: disk error. I thought it was maybe cause I didn’t finalize the disk (or Make Compatible), so I put it back in the drive, and did that too. I tried playing it again, but got the same error msg. I thought it should play DVD data CDs, just like regular data CDs…
Here’s all the tech specs about the player: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php?DVDnameid=5647&Search=Search&

It should play DVD+Rs…
Could somebody please help? I’m a newbie…