DvD Player with usb connection


I own a Pioneer dv-310 dvd player,  it has a usb hub to attach thumb drives.  This works very well and I am happy with that.  However, trying to get more bang for the buck I recently tried attaching an external hard drive to it,  via the USB.  It is not reading it.  The hard drive has its own power,  so that is not the issue.
I know that thumb drives are a little different,  but I was hoping there was a fix for this. Any suggestions?

Might be something like, the thumb drives are formatted using FAT32, and the hard drive with  NTFS, meaning the DVD Drive cant recognise the format of the disk… just a guess mind you!

Yeah, what’s the largest thumb drive you’ve attached?

Yep,  Fat32 is what is should be,  Thanks for the input.  The drive I was using is ntfs…