Dust masks

I have heard that dust masks will soon be available at the port office and at city hall for anyone wishing to do yard work, go for a walk or open their windows. You will be able to pick these up along with the hearing protection. I recommend those who suffer from dust allergies request that medication be provided as well.

January 26 you said basically the same thing. You are in a never ending battle and you will not beat this company. I am looking for a house do you have a 4 bedroom available :smile:

In January the pellets arrived frozen solid and there was no dust problems, now that the interior has warmed up the dust free pellet plant can be smelled all over the down town area. Pinnacle has not done any proper sound insulating yet, I guess they can’t afford the best materials available but it has made that place nothing but a noise and dust factory that has no place inside a community.

Interesting, I was just in the “downtown” area, and warm as the day is, and with a wind blowing a bit from the direction of the plant; there was no odour picked up by my tender nostrils.

While I’m sure the vision of those silver domes is annoying for you and the rest of the land barons of that side of town, your hyperbole on every aspect of the place is kind of entertaining.

Funny, I was just downtown and I also could smell the the dust. Maybe Old major’s tender nostrils aren’t as tender as he thought.

While Hissyfit’s comments are becoming somewhat redundant and repetitive, I do have to agree with them.

Smells better than the pulp mill or the reduction plant we used to have.

Maybe not

Well from my point of view it looks like a lot of dust…

Thought I read somewhere a promise of some sort of dust free loading???

There was never a promise for a dust free zone. Please people this is nothing compared to mills in stinky PG or Quesnel.

Oops… Sorry, you are correct. The correct term was:

dust control feature: low velocity “cascade spout”

I guess with that kind of sales pitch it was easy for some to get confused…

Must be hissyfits time of the month again since we’re getting another post. Bunch of whiners and poor decision makers complaining about a non issue and highlighting their own stupidity.

this town is rediculous get some companies with jobs and all people do is bitch and whine . it smells like sawdust not rotting fish ffs . get over it and as for the dust ive been downtown lots i dont notice it.

he does have a right to complain whether it is justified or not. and yes there is a smell downtown from the pellet plant smells like varnish and wet wood combined. but it is jobs and is only minor irritating, but if the pellet plant and the port made promises about the noise and dust and have not kept up their end of the bargain then like I said he does have a right to complain about that.

Yup like we have a right to complain about his complaining :smile:.

I’m kinda getting tired with people talking about people on that side of town making poor decisions. It’s not about the noise or the sight of the pellet plant, it’s a health issue as well. If you can smell the dust, it means you’re breathing it. I know for a fact that wood dust isn’t the greatest for you, though I’m not sure what kind of wood the pellets are made from, I do know that certain types of wood are worse than others.

oh please… nobody is going to get sick from the smell of wood. You could smell the pulp mill too and I know for a fact it wasnt good for you just look at the trees on mt hays.

People are being whiners and the health issues are a red herring nobody is going to get sick from this. If you feel particulate levels are above the safe/legal levels then complain to the proper authority and have it investigated.

If you still arent comfortable, move. You will find someone who doesnt mind the silo’s or another sucker who thinks they are getting a sweet deal. Not for what they would have paid when the industrial area you live next to was idle but such is life. I had a hyper color shirt, I know what a bad investment is.

I’m up in PG right now , and the pulp mill smelled like bad egg farts last nigh… Oh wait that may have been me :smile:

What a bunch of ASSHOLES!Jobs at any cost,are you kidding?This plant is in the wrong place,should have been on Watson Is ,not downtown!And I don’t care that the port owned the site,this was not the place for this type of facility.Just go up to that end of town when they are loading a ship,dust all over patios, cars etc.Not as bad as the coal dust issue in Pt.Ed but it was promised to be dust and odor free.And most of the pellets are made from the pine beetle wood and GLUE,not good to breathe in.Just look at the drop in values of property in that end of town,who is compensating them??

Pellets are not glued, they’re pressed together. That’s why they start to come apart with handling.

How much have property values dropped in that end of town? Is there an average number?

Umm if property values have gone down there its because they were overvalued in the first place. Property next to industrial land is worth less. People were over paying for their property in the area for years based on the idea nothing would be built in the neighboring industrial area.

They lost their gamble amd now you call for compensation? Fuck off. Its not like these people were duped into buying the land. They either knew it was industrial or didnt bother to look into it. You can expect the port to not use their land just because you want to protect your bad investment.