Dumpsite expanding problem for the wolves

The city is in the process of expanding the dump site, there running out of room at the main site. I’m sure the city will electrify the area; this is good as long as the wolves are not inside the electrified area, there has been talks regarding the wolves in the area and what can be done about them, there have been talks about killing the wolves.

I’m not sure how many people now that when the dump closed down near the golf course, that the police were called and shot the dump bears, it was open season and a good exercise to use there shot guns, what a waste.

Right now the wolves are roaming the island, and will be roaming for most of the winter months now that the wolf cubs are larger and can endure more. What is worrying is that the city might shoot and kill the wolves that are there or might be trapped with in the fence.
As many of you know Stacey and I have been out with the wolves on many occasions, filming them and taking pictures. We have never had a problem with them not once. There no threat to us,
Since Stacey and I have been out there, we have seen many exciting things. There are two cats that were abandoned out near the dump, we have spotted the cats many times and find in funny that some times we find the wolves and cat tracks together. The cats have lived fine out there with the wolves.
If you are interested in helping save the wolves on Kaien Island visit our site

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Just curious… what would you have done with a bunch of bears, all having been raised on garbarge? I’m sure the concern was that they would move into town looking for more garbage. Would relocating them have worked, or would they just starve to death having lost the urge to hunt for thier food?


Well if the Toursim folks had heard about it, could have had the Great Northern Bear Hunt I guess.

But to get more on message, probably was a hard decision to make. But most likely the Bears raised on the dump Garbage would have been a major problem in town at the time. Transporting them off into the deeper woods might have been an option, but who would have had to pay for it and such.

Not sure that it would have been considered open season though.

Guess the new dump gives the Bears another twenty or so years before we encroach on their turf again. Maybe by then we’ll have a better plan in place.

I understand that with this and the previous governments over the years have placed little conservation on wildlife, there is no doubt about it. I remember living in the Okanogan and seeing live bear traps around, why so when trouble bears became a nuisance in town or around camp grounds they were moved further back into the wilderness.
Now Mike lets make no mistake the city made a mistake which they seemed to do quite often, they built the first dump within city limits that was just dumb, the other fact is that we are living in a semi-wild landscape. Those bears had no chance Mike, no chance was given to relocate them, no chance what so ever. Mike do you know there are still bears on the island? There are plenty of bears still here, and on occasion a grizzly or two have been spotted. So should those bears be killed before they come in to town?
Mike what I’m saying is lets not make the same mistake with these wolves its been brought up on occasion with city hall on what to do with the wolves, make no mistake about it. All I’m saying is that lets get people involved here and discuss the so called wolf problem from different sides. The more people who know what’s going on could make a difference to the fate of these animals, if more people knew what was going to happen with the black bears at the dump and stood up at city hall and wrote there MLA or contacted the BC government or Federal Government those black bears might have had some sort of chance but they didn’t.  What pissed me off and others who found out about it was that the remains were not dealt with properly left there to rot.

Well of course I do. You’d have to be a recluse not to. In this example though one could expect that a garbage bear, who’s main source of food is right next to town, is a lot more likely to wander into town than a wild bear who’s just curious. You’re basically comparing apples to oranges.

Well I’m not going to be an apologist for the City, but they do have to be fiscally responsible. Why put a lot of money into relocating bears that would likely have starved to death? No doubt if they did they would get complaints about how cruel THAT was to those bears. I’m facing the same fiscal decision at home with my Lab. He has bone cancer in his leg. I could put thousands into operations and chemo and all kinds of life saving measures. The simple fact is that it’s more likely that despite those costly procedures he will still die in a matter of months. Sometimes putting an animal down is the correct thing to do. Not the easiest thing mind you, but the correct thing.

I’m sure this is going to come off completely insensitive but… They were dump bears. Shot at the dump? Pretty convenient place to leave them if you ask me.


I’m sure this is going to come off completely insensitive but… They were dump bears. Shot at the dump? Pretty convenient place to leave them if you ask me.[/quote]

Heh, you want to see insensitive?

They should have donated the bears to a fund-raising BBQ for the SPCA!


ya Mike…then again we have that choice dont we…be positive and proactive or let others make those choices bad or good,  better to sit on the sidelines I guess then to be part of something yep….
I tell ya once you see the wolves out there and hear them, its very magical, I have so many people asking me were to go and if I can take them to view the wolves and there pups.
you may think were crazy, but then again I think most people who don’t understand what were doing are the crazy ones, your missing out on the beautiful animals that are part of this island.

Ha… that made me laugh.

Hey now… I have my causes that I believe in. Just because my causes aren’t your causes is no reason to look down at me from your high horse.


lol…my high horse I dont look down on anyone, not even you, for the most part i agree with some of the stuff you talk about on the forum mike.