Dude wtf?

All great rock artists die! Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon just to name a few. Do you think rock stars should tone down or live hard and die young :question:

Why do you always speak in quotes, Justin case?

I imagine some dude standing there talking doing the “quotation marks” thing with his fingers the whole time.

I’m pretty sure everyone else dies, too.

You know that you are the second person out there that brought that up, so I will confess , since I am fairly new with this stuff and not familiar with adding my whatever maybe I hit buttons which should be left alone but no finger shit though I hate that kind off stuff and yeah thanks for bringing the question up. I will try harder…lol

That whole post is a little more than one sentence. :confused:

I am mega-confused.

I second that.

Dont you hate it when people are polite when you make fun of them?

I never really liked the idea of super rich/famous people being so full of themselves that they can’t bear to live in this world so they either kill themselves quickly ( suicide) or slowly ( hard drugs). Then the entertainment media hails them as being unique or special. Kurt Cobain is the perfect example of that. What a load of crap! When Cobain died, I was probably one of the only person to think " That selfish coward. he’d rather end it than be counted on by his wife, friends and his fans to keep on producing good stuff".
I understand that artists may never fit the “mold” but the funny thing is that a lot of these people are of from the same mold anyway. It’s like a lot of the artsy type people who, even thought they think they have colorful personalities, always wear black.
Of course, true artists have a purpose. They search for ways to express their inner thoughts. For some of them, it just so happens that what they do is pleasing to others. If that brings them fame and wealth, then cool. But don’t go crying that it is because of this that you can’t live anymore!

Now all this being said, I recently watched a documentary called Dig. It is about some kind of feud between two bands: The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
The leader of the BJM is one of those whacko musician. However, they play pretty good stuff. There was a link to download a playlist of a lot of their songs. Good music. But the guy, Anton Newcombe, is crazy and will probably end up like some of the musicians listed earlier in the thread.

Eso wrote "I’m pretty sure everyone else dies too"
True everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives.




…Normal people who aren’t “super rich and famous” also do suicide and kill themselves.
These super rich people you speak of are like anyone else.
It’s just because the fact that they’re in the face of the media, that you have the need to bash on them.

Famous people are not like everyone else. Sure, they are people just like us, but filthy rich people; and that is how they afford to drug themselves stupid. I don’t feel sorry for them at all: “Oooh, I can’t handle the lack of privacy”, they should have thought about that before they were striving to become stars, and what not. I really respect the celebrities that manage to stay out of the trash papers, and not spill every last detail about their life to the media. If they are just people, they would lead average lives, just like us, but they don’t. They get married, and divorced within 50 hours; have their kids raised by nannies, plastic surgery, drugs, and houses with 32 rooms, and 9 and a half bathrooms…that is not normal! Money makes people stupid, I swear. It just pisses me off that one little person makes $20 million dollars a movie, and there are starving children, and people in need all over the world. Sure, they donate to charities, but it’s not nearly enough to make a big difference. Arrrgg, stupid people with all that money for prancing around in front of a camera, then they complain about getting their picture taken. It frustrates me.
That was my rant for today.

You know what pisses me off? Celebrities that get fat. * I mean, we’re paying your ass to look MUCH better than ours on the big screen, T.V. whatever-the least you can do is put those truckloads of dough towards a personal trainer who will whip the fat off you, an assistant who will knock that crispy creme out of your hand, and a cook that will try to cut down those calories. If I want to know the trials and tribulations of weight gain/loss I’ll look in a mirror, TUVM.

*I’m not talking about you, Kirstie Alley, you’re friggin hilarious, and can get as fat as you want to be.

Kirstie Alley has slimmed down a lot, actually. I saw a…what’s it…Jenny Craig, one of those silly weight loss places anyway; commercial with her as the spokeswoman, and I was like, “Whoa”. Same with what’s her face…Anna Nicole Smith, but she’s not really funny…more scary.

It pisses me off when celebrities get stuff for free! They go to an awards show, or benefit, and end up walking away with TONS of free stuff. The people that go to the Oscars walk away with thousands of dollars of free gifts, most of the time that don’t even get used, and get given away as presents to other people. These people are rich enough, why give them free stuff they aren’t going to use??

Yes, I do agree. But the episode of fat actress where her crackhead brother comes to visit makes me forgive her.

You know what really grinds my gears?.. How rich people have less rules to follow. They can get away with damn near anything, as we’ve seen prooved many times over the years. MJ, OJ, Martha… I say if they do something wrong, stick em in the same cell as anyone else. They don’t need special treatment. As far as I’m concerned, if you get caught breaking the law, you shouldn’t have rights or privelleges. Martha shouldn’t have had the right to stay in a “Hotel” as a jail, and then get let out early because it wasnt good enough. We gotta stop bending over to all these rich people.

We probably cannot even imagine which way people would bend when you hand them a fist full of money to get you off easy. That’s what happens. Money is the root of most evil. That could mean celebrities are evil…hmm… :open_mouth: