Duck hunt

those were the days! when it was you, and that red gun in your hand. when that little spotted dog jumpped into the 16 bit colour grass and there they were, those evil ducks lol well that game was the most uber game ever. and the best thing was it never got boring.

and there were a million variations on it too…

wrestle duck hunt, left handed duck hunt, blindfolded duck hunt, kung fu duck hunt

god damn i wanted a nintendo when i was younger, but i say this loud and proud now, thank you mom and dad for not letting me turn into a fat lazy fuck.

heh i used to love that game (duck hunt)

ne one know where i can get a old skool nintendo?? i reallllllly want one…

I have one… but I’m going to make millions with it one day on ebay.

oh psh i sooooo want oneeeee…

old school n64s are worth like 20 bucks right now in like twenty years ya never now

Fred you need to learn a lesson in VOLUME.

If Jesus had whipped off 50,000 copies of his death shroud then I’m gonna guess it’d be pretty much f’in worthless nowadays.

what are you talking about!! u look in town theres like one in working order!!!

Last I know, mine is in working order. You just have to blow out the inside, then blow out the game, hit it on the top, spin around 3 times, and hit the power button twice.

never owned a 64, ive owned a Nintendo… Sega Geneiss and a PS1 and PS2, and the sega was the best system i owned :smiley:

haha i remember i used to have to blow in the game and inside of the nintendo…i wonder if i can find one on ebay or something…

the funny thing is no one in the grade lower then 10 reambers these fine games like duck hunt battle toad and mario the first one when duck hunt and mario came in the same thing.

shooting gallery on the sega master system is much better than duck hunt. you get to shoot at ducks, baloons, balls and spaceships. that and the all black gun on the sega is far cooler looking then the cheesey red and grey nintendo one. now if only my gun could shoot a little straighter…

I remember that peice of shit maze game that was built into the Sega Master System.

That game was sweet! What are you talking about? Sega Master System used to be the shit. I liked the games for it better than the NES.

Russ if you remember i have some of your sega master system games for when i played them on my gamegear way back in the day!

Forget about game systems. What about Commander Keen??

That game was endless. Did anyone ever bet it?