Dual head

Hey, so at the expense of physical desktop real estate, I’m rocking two 17" CRTs now. I’ve got a couple of questions for any dual display veterans.

  1. Is there a third-party application (XP) that would put taskbars/startmenus/systrays etc on both displays? Also, when I press and hold alt+tab, and tab through the open windows, is it possible to have the alt+tab overlay display on both?

  2. News/sports ticker website or software. See the image below. In that big white box of space, I would love to have automagically updating scrolling news headlines and sports scores. I’m sure there’s some sort of RSS goodie or something that would do this for me, but so far I haven’t found a satisfactory sports ticker (need to be able to filter for sport/league/team etc). Now I don’t know whether this is best accomplished with a web browser window, or with a standalone application. I could go either way.


Oh, and while free and open-source solutions are desirable, I’m not too scrupulous about stealing software.

I think delirious has something like that going…