Drug User Came knocking on my door

Theres a few woman in town that use drugs heavily.  We all see them stumbing around town all messed up.  Well today one of them came knocking on my door.  I did’nt answer it and I think she went to the nieghbours door next.  I watched her walk up the street about 6 or 7 houses and a nice pretty new looking black suburban picked her up.  The suburban quickly backed up and she hooped in the back.  She was stumbling all over the place

Whats up with that?  Ive seen this same suburban pick up some random guy in the most random place

Did they dress in all black with sunglasses?

I want to know what was up with this.  Is it a random thing where they try to buy drugs?

it is what it is!!!

i guess hookers have to go door to door in this town . with the inlander gone no where to take the johns

Maybe a new breed of Jehovahs witness, I’ve heard they have been on a recruiting drive recently.

  They go behind the Salvation Army Church as I guess they feel they have been saved as soon as they have committed a sin :unamused:

well now i know where to go lol

Why isn’t this item sent to the wasteland? Or is bashing certain religious groups ok
but comments about certain racial groups are not acceptable??

Because religion is stupid.

Such a thoughtful comment.

if anyone has the answers, it’s jesus!

I heared he is too busy getting nailed.

What was the question again?

Most of the time the truth is very simple.

I know it’s a fine line in some people’s minds, but I don’t consider poking light hearted fun as ‘Bashing’. Sorry if you were offended by this as that was not my intention, most of the JW’s I know would have chuckled at that?