Drug Advice from Americans

New reason to make sure these guys never get a majority gov’t.

That’s probably over the Mark Emery extradition. Canadian government let him do his thing for years, no one complained, then the states get all huffy about it, so now the Canadian government is gonna show their support for America!

US drug laws are BS. Such a waste of taxpayer money locking up everyone and their dog for petty possession crimes. Prisons are expensive–they outta spend that money going after the traffickers and the people who import that shit.

This kind of stuff is why I don’t worry about job security in my line of work. I’m in a growth industry!


Just for that after my christmas party on friday I will violate the law because fuck them.

I find it disturbing that the Tories are looking to the states for guidance…I mean…come on, good old Bush is destroying the USA. 
Getting tips about how to govern from the Americans makes about as much sense as putting Charles Manson in charge of a home for unwed mothers. :imp:

The sad thing is its not really surprising and we knew it was coming. Sure the liberals were just playing politics but they were right :cry:

Agreed.  The Tories are in political alignment with the GOP. 

I am very happy that Prime Minister Chretian had the guts to stand up to Bush and keep our troops out of Iraq.  I feel for the men and women serving in Iraq, who are suffering under the inept leadership from Washington.