Dropbox is awesome

If you have more than one computer, try dropbox.  It’s an online file storage service.  Basically, it creates a folder on your computer that is automatically synced on the internet.  

Install dropbox on multiple computers, and this folder (and all the files in it) are automatically copied between your computers.  

It’s a really easy way to share files.  The account is 2GB account is free, and it works on Windows, Mac, Linux (even on the iPhone).  If you signup using this link, you’ll get a bonus 256MB of space, and so will I.  


More info here:  http://menino.com/wp/2010/04/14/dropbox-is-awesome/

and you can take the tour or read about the service:  bit.ly/dropbox-mig

installed and testing, thanks mig :smile:

Will look at this after work. Thanks, MiG!  :sunglasses:

Awesome!  Thanks, MiG.  Just installed Dropbox, and I love it.  Yet another free way to back-up all of my stuff.  :sunglasses:

It’s a good way to share stuff between computers.  Also, if you want to share a folder of stuff with somebody else on the internet, it’s probably the easiest method I’ve seen.

Yeah, very cool indeed.  Uploaded all of my stuff to Dropbox, now I’m sharing those files with PCs on my LAN.  Very cool, MiG. :smiley:

I just shared a folder with you (and BigThumb), check it out.

This is how I tend to use Dropbox – to move files from one computer to another, or from one person to another. 

Sure, it’s not the first service of this kind, but it sure is the slickest and the easiest.

hackingthemainframe.com/dropbox  to signup.  If you use that link, you’ll get bonus space (and so will I).

Cool.  Thanks, MiG!  I see it. :sunglasses:  Agreed.  Very slick and easy to use.  I like the fact that it is OS independent.

Yup, works anywhere.  So it doesn’t matter what computer you’re using, your stuff is with you.

Very cool indeed.  When I  get to work I’m going to sync up all of my stuff there with Dropbox.  :sunglasses:

Love how easy it is too. !~

Doesn’t work on Mandrivia 2010 tho :frowning: BAH!

Yeah, but, the source tarball is there so you can compile it your self and install any missing dependencies.

gamblis.com/2010/03/10/how-to-in … riva-2010/

Thanks for those who used my referral link to install dropbox, much appreciated.  If you want more space, make sure you do the tutorial and other little tasks there, and they’ll increase your space even more.