Drivers paying attention?

OMG!  Just saw a guy crossing the sidewalk outside the Islander Hall crosswalk on 6th.  He was clearly on the crosswalk close to the middle…and SCREEEEEECH!!! Car slams on the brakes.  I wonder if this is a cell or texting incident?  Sure glad this didn’t turn out on the bad side.

None of the above, it’s sunny, it’s my belief that Rupertites at times have this strange hypnotic reaction to the Sun, it removes their ability to drive safely. :smiley:

Drive, walk, bike, skateboard…

Doesn’t matter…

If it’s the same crosswalk I’m thinking about, yeah… it’s a bad one. The yellow line on the curb isn’t long enough. If a car parks legally in front of the crosswalk, a pedestrian could surprise a motorist ( or visa versa) quite easily.

I asked my driving instructor the other day, why we couldn’t have a day, that we can hit as many pedestrians as possible… Even an hour would do. Hell, I’d take 15 minutes…

sounds like a great way to pass the course  :unamused:

You don’t pass or fail a driving lesson… :unamused:
My test is today, and I’d never say that to my examiner. haha

Pedestrians in this town are retarded. They walk across the street without looking hoodie on and staring at the ground regardless of the weather or time of day. I am very suprised by the lack of deaths caused by cars hitting pedestrians. Also there are some horrible drivers in this town as well that should not be allowed to drive.

Early someone mentioned about the yellow lines on the curb where you cant park. Trying to pull onto third ave from any street is always unsafe as cars can park sooo close to the intersections. Make you wonder if city officials have ever looked at how bad the situation is.

What 2nd and 3rd Ave need are pedestrian bulges like this one:

Helps lazy and asshole drivers to be more aware of pedestrians attempting to cross, while  making crosswalks shorter and more visible to traffic for slow retarded pedestrians.

As for your driving lessons Bubba…  please to feel fit into the idiot category.  The other Bubba…may he stand… you provided an ALMOST intellectual fight!

You have two strikes against you.

  1. Woman driver
  2. bad attitude

IMO #1 should be enough to bar you from having a license but combine that with #2 and you should never ever be allowed to get one.

Women driver no survivors. that is all.

I think these bump-outs were mentioned in the community plan. I remember going to a meeting and hearing those discussed. I think it’s a great idea - on 2nd you essentially have to cross six lanes, when you count the parking on either side.

LOL, yes, because you know I’m going to be an idiot crazy driver? Right… You know me how?

And what other bubba???

You’re female. You will be a terrible driver.

You’re so chauvinistic Jesus.  :unamused:
Tee hee, just think, in 16 years, you get to teach a female how to drive.

Make sure she’s not driving a BMW X3 or an Acura MDX; the official vehicles for blonds and soccer moms…

I thought mini vans were for soccer moms?

Mini vans are for crackheads.

OOOHHHH… okay.

What about station wagons?

Old school station wagons?  Crackheads.