Drink and Drive and they’ll seize your ride

The Province of British Columbia is the latest Canadian province to get tough on drinking drivers.

Solicitor-General John Les, says that legislation is presently being prepared that would allow B.C. to seize and sell impaired drivers’ vehicles even without an accident. Les didn’t supply too much in the way of specifics but did say that blood-alcohol level would be an extremely important indicator and that the behavior of the individual at the time of the arrest would be another important indicator as to whether the vehicle would be seized.

In the end, it would be up to a judge in civil court to approve the forfeiture. The proposed legislation would become the toughest in the nation, going well beyond Ontario’s current three strikes and you lose your car legislation, which allows that to seize and sell vehicles of people convicted of three drinking-driving convictions in 10 years…

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About bloody time!