Dream bike

I found a neat site in the UK for oldschool bmx parts, www.alansbmx.com i think,

here’s my dream bike, well kinda, I really was torn between the black/red/chrome Haro, or the Black/chrome Kuwahara!!

1 x Haro Group One RS2 Frame & Fork 1987
1 x Odyssey Dynatron Headset
1 x Skyway EZ Bars
1 x GT Freestyle Stem
1 x Dia-Compe FS880F/901R brakeset
1 x Dia-Compe Tech-77 Levers with Locking Button (pr)
1 x Odyssey Gyro2 - 1 Inch
2 x Vans Coloured Brake Shoes
1 x Redline Flight Cranks 175mm
1 x Redline Proline Sprocket
1 x Odyssey Triple Trap Pedals
1 x Skyway Tuff Wheels 10mm
2 x Odyssey Barefeet Tyre
1 x Suntour 18T Freewheel
1 x KMC Z510 Gold Chain
2 x Elina Chrome UL Seat & Post
1 x Suntour Seatclamp


all parts are vintage 1987+ most in the box from what I understand, man what Id do to get a Haro Bmx frame/forks in the box…sigh = (# of all sighs ever sighed)

As a teen I owned both, so its especially troubling…anyone want to sell me there old chrome??? pm me if you have a bike you wanna get rid of…