Downtown traffic pattern returning to normal shortly

Traffic flow on Third Avenue in Prince Rupert’s downtown will resume its normal pattern when the traffic lights return next week after a broken controller, damaged in the Thanksgiving windstorm, is finally replaced. … 55809.html

Now the trick will be remembering to stay stopped when there are no cars coming from the side directions.

Traffic patterns in rupert should never change. People here are bad enough drivers as it is.

I think they shouldn’t replace anything save some money and keep it how it is.

I disagree. People here seem clueless as to how 4 way stops work. I’ve almost been hit every day this week because I was at a 4way waited for the people before me to go then slowly proceded only to have some fucking asshat stomp the gas and almost hit me even though he was directly behind teh car that I waited for.

Yeah I guess true enough. I think Prince Rupert has some of the worst drivers around. My pet peeve is ppl doing like 25km or 30km in a 50km zone.

Doesn’t your horn work ?


Doesn’t your horn work ?[/quote]

Never wanna be rude, but I think I will be laying on the horn from now on though no more Mr Nice Guy

Why aren’t slow drivers given tickets? They can cause just as much of a mess as speeders can. And they also cause a lot of road rage. Even if you do honk your horn, I think they’re too far into oblivion to notice their speed anyways. LOL

And what really gets me is, any time I have an appointment somewhere, I always end up behind someone driving 30k. When I don’t have to be anywhere, they’re no where to be found.

That 4-way stop was the best thing to happen to this town in years! Why do we always have to conform to the stupid people. Plant a police officer at the flashing red and give tickets to anyone who doesn’t know how to drive with the basic knowledge of, yielding to the right! It is a small enough town to be able to avoid that intersection if you struggle with the basic rules of the road.

Honked my horn at a guy jay-walking, and he just waved as though he knew me. Obviously didn’t give a crap.

hahaha it’s that small town friendly wave. were you far enough away that he was able to make it without you having to slow down or completely stop? I was in a crosswalk once walking a normal pace to go catch the bus, and a guy rudely honked his horn at me… or so I thought, with out looking I flipped him the bird and proceeded to the bus stop.

later that day I got a msg from a friend who msg’d “hey I saw you today jerk, tried to honk so I could wave but you just gave me the finger and ran off” hahahha

I see many people jay walking in this town, it’s not like we have anyone that’s going to dart out in front of a speeding vehicle. like a previous post, we do have a large number of drivers that tend to go fairly slow. it’s usually prett easy to make it across the street before a car reaches you.

what I don’t like is waiting at a crosswalk and having a car somewhere around 30 feet away start to slow down like they’re going to stop, then speed up, then stop, then slowly start going then stop, and repeat the same steps over and over until they reach the thing, it’s that step out and step back thing that starts to bug me. some people just can’t drive…

Yes, I had to slow down, and so did the guy in front of me.

I’ve just discovered something new about Rupert since coming back home yesterday: They can’t understand one of the basic traffic operations that is the 4-way stop procedure.

They are like those drivers in Richmond except worse, and they don’t drive BMW X5’s.