Downloading music

Which program is the best
limewire + frostwire + ares =      suck

Use Google.

Download? Right now I’m uploading two recordings of the White Stripes (live) from Monday. I’ll post a link when it’s done.

i use dcc, works great no spam

i downloaded bitlord… and than i go into a torrent, for example or and select music… and it gets downloaded through bitlord… because it’s through a torrent its not as easy to trace it back to you… if that matters at all. But does anyone know any peer to peer ones that aren’t slow, ones that actually have active/seeded files. Help would be appreciated. :smile:

soulseek is still the best peer to peer software.

The White Stripes, recorded Monday at a distance of a few feet from the band.

utorrent is great thats what i use for music and movies!

Anyone know of a free download program that is not crappy?

I use Shareaza it isnt as crappy as some i have used

best torrent site

one search with tons of results from lots of sites

utorrent is faster then bittorrent,  more users, and or .net is where I get my whole albums and cd’s discography’s

speaking of torrents,

the most reliable places to download torrents on the whole P2P scene.

I also use Ares.

XoftySpySE reports Ares as Spyware and the Definition is “Ares.Complete.Edition”

but I think this is a false positive.