Downloading Games and Movies

Anyone know a site to download movies and games that dont use torrents.
I get slow torrent speeds here, but can download 1 gig in 1/2 hour off websites.

Try using Azureus and turning on encryption.  Your speeds will improve.

Torrent speeds will always be slower than normal download speed because it’s based off the upload speed of whoever is seeding the torrent.  It’s usually not from a dedicated webserver.

Always slower?  Nah. 

Often faster.

Depends on the number of seeders.  The more seeds, the faster the download.

Some ISPs actively slow down torrent traffic with packet-shaping.  You can get around this by encrypting your connections.

Here’s some reading:

these are the sites i use as i may or may not be an over downloader :smiley: but they work great!! and i find almost anything i am looking for. now for the downloads i suggest you buy an account at but you don’t have to i have one and its so much faster! with the use of the download program Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) i get way faster speeds then i ever got from torrents (i can make this claim as i have over 500 games that i have downloaded in different ways) with speeds from about 80 (with 4 other users off the same connection) to 200+.

the sites are and yes you have to sign-up no money needed

i have others but these seem to be the best :imp:

sorry if i broke any rules here just delete the broken rules if i did and just let me know and it will not happen again, if it happens to be the sites them selfs just pm me and i will let who ever wants to know what the sites were.

anyone that has a different view of what i am saying feel free to voice your view but if you just want to bash what the punisher has to say keep it to yourself as i am just trying to be helpful.

I find that I get slower downloads with torrents than if I download something from say a website.  I wasn’t aware of the encryption thing so I’ll try that.

There’s plenty of reasons a torrent download will go slow though.  Being behind a firewall not configured properly, not having your upload speed set high enough or even turned on, downloading torrents with low seeders, etc.

For all your movie downloading needs get an account at  It’s chalk full of porn torrents. 

Also remember that private trackers on invite only torrent sites often provide the best speeds compared to public torrent sites. The trick is getting invited. My favorite is TorrentLeech

I guess I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to torrent downloading but I found Azureus kinda heavy and ad-filled.
Tomato or whatever would work fine as well but it didn’t seem to let me choose which files I wanted to download.
I found Transmission works pretty good for what I need. Its light, and allows me to select 1 file at a time. So I don’t have to wait to download the whole season. I can watch each episode as they download. is a good place for torrents, and utorrent is a nice app. very small file and easy to use.

Speaking of downloading, I have been working entirely alone for over a month and finally got caught up enough to check traffic records. I found a user who’d downloaded over 650 GBs and uploaded over 500 GB.
That means Navigata is going to bill me $5,750.00 for his traffic.
He’s going to call today and ask why his service is cut off. He’s going to tell me he didn’t know his kid was doing it again (after 3 previous cutoffs and warnings), he isn’t responsible, he’s not going to pay any overage charges, if I don’t turn it back on I owe him the rest of his prepaid month, and he’s not giving his leased radio back either.
I don’t have an ‘extra’ $5750 to pay Navigata. They will cut the signal off and 25 other people and an entire remote reserve will lose their service.
I found 3 others who’s bandwith use was over again. All uploaded as much or more than they downloaded (file sharing) all three others have been warned and cut off in the past, and all of the parents involved brought their kids computers in and paid to have our techie remove or configure thier programs to reduce uploading.
All four’s kids obviously reinstalled or reset it again.
All will find a bailiff has climbed on their roof, removed their radios when they weren’t home and will have to go back to Telus dialup. Mom & Dad will get a surprise when they go to finance new junk for their greedy spoiled brats cuz they’ll have credit files.
This is what happens when people assume they have the “right” to download as much as they fucking want for $35 a month.

I’ve always wanted to set up a file-sharing system (bittorrent or otherwise) that would only allow local IPs to connect.  That way it wouldn’t cost Citywest anything (would stay within their network), and would be super fast.

But then I know there would be some asshat that would abuse it.

Ouch. Jesus herbie, again? You have seriously got to get control of that mate, while I do feel for you ,I do think you do have a role to play in controlling your customers access, the parents must be horrified, while not those types of numbers I am have having a simular situation with my kid’s overage with her cell phone, its been something like four hundred a month for three months in a row, and she has free evenings and weekends, its driving me nuts and she refuses to stop it, i have no choice to shut her down the next one I guess. 
  The fact the parents brought in the pc’s to you shows they are with you, they probably havnt a clue about the net or pc’s so they can watch the kids doing it and still have no clue its happening. You can control that right from yer redhat boxes you dont even need any new hardware, give them static ip’s and set limits, like after six gig its drops to five k until you reset it, that way this cant happen, your happy, the parents are relieved. Actually you can just do it with their mac’s and still leave them in dhcp, its a bit of work for you initially but it will save ya lots of stress in the future. As someone else was saying in another thread, having citytel let us have no limits is really a big deal, we have it pretty good in that respect I shouldnt bitch so much about them, I have become like a spoiled brat.                                                                                                                            Another idea is to make sure the signup contract has warnings in big bold print several times that they can download too much and get a huge bill simular to the way using a phone long distance too much, give them some hypothetical examples, shit use the real ones to show how serious it can be. Not trying to tell ya what to do or be a know-it-all, just trying to brainstorm a bit for ya.

If they’ve done it before, been warned before and have been cutoff before just who is at fault here? Maybe I’m missing something but as I see it you are the one who keeps turning them back on without any limits. It would be nice if the parents ensured their kids didn’t do that sort of thing but to be fair most parents won’t understand what they are doing even if you explain it to them. Ultimately it’s your bill, so why do you allow it to continue?

The problem is that you can’t always be monitoring their use, right?

Because if you could, and you noticed that they’re over X number of gigs already this month, then you could slow them down to 5k/sec (or whatever) that would work fine for web and e-mail, but not for filesharing. 

There are a lot of packages out there that do this for you automagically… google around :wink:

exactly what I am talking about, he doesnt have to moniter it live, he can set the threshold of when it restricts to do it on its own, but make it where herbie himself must reset it for them to get their bandwidth back, it would give some notice before it was into the thousands anyways

You’ll have to change any advertising you do as well.

If you advertise UNLIMITED and HIGH-SPEED, you’ll have to call it something else if it isn’t really unlimited and not always high speed.

At work our old provider Satcomm. had a bandwidth limit of 5 gig per month, it gave us about 125 to 150 k tops. When downloading you got the full 125-150k untill you downloaded a full gig it then chopped the bandwidth to 33.3 k for the next 24 hours which we did many times. I had to call them and explain we have two dozen kids online at any given time doing online school, that the 33.3k restriction wont work for us, even if we are over our daily limit we dont want it restrict us, we will pay for the extra we use. he did it in seconds while I waited on the phone so once you have it configured you can use it on any of your customers and tune it to suit their individual needs. Getting off subject fuck these new pepto bismal commercials are hilarious  :smiley:.

Would a vpn for a bunch of us work? I would be willing to participate in something like that or a private local torrent server I think its a great idea, dont let the odd dink ruin it for everyone, we can deal with those types as we encounter them. I have two terra of “files” I would love to share with everyone.

We could just string a few kilometres of cat5 and the necessary repeaters throughout the neighbourhood!