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I’ve never been much of a video game player, but I recently downloaded a demo of x-plane. This is great fun. Unfortunatly I still don’t know how to fly and I usually just crash the jet or blow a tire prior to take off.

X-Plane? Get some Flight Stimulator.

flight simulator? you obviously don’t know much about x-plane. It is far superior from what iv seen of it

were did u download it from ? cant seem to find it thanks
never mind its for an imac…fuckkkkkkkkk…
nm found it for xp…lol

How much more complex is it than flight simulator, and what kind of planes do you get to fly? I’d download it for my grandpa if it’s pretty similar or better than flight simulator, he can sit infront of the computer for hours flying all around the world.

Shooting down planes in WWII ?

Aw man, take it from me… X-plane blows chunks compared to MS Flight Simulator 2002, 2004. I’ll can post screens of FS2004 if you wish.

Goose there is my resident aviation expert.

k well, id take his view, i haven’t used either, that was just what iv heard from people

I think the most exciting use for any Flight Sim is to throw the CD at somebody bigger than you, and then try to escape before he gets you.

That happened to me once it hurt like a motherfucker, and I think there’s some pieces still lodged under my scalp in the frontal lob area. Some times I forget things. ohh were was I ? Yes I think Bush won the election.
(Astrothug’s Mother) please do not use your disks to throw at helpless people. as this could be you, and your mother may have to finish writing the post as you have forgotten what you were talking about.

Concerned Mother.

You mean youve never relabled them and sold them as porn?