Download Firefox today

Download Firefox 3 today and help set a world record:

I’m guessing the site is being pretty bogged down because it won’t even load for me.

Yeah the servers are getting hammered. I can’t get a download connection. Hard to set a record without the back end support.

US English OS X: … lang=en-US

US English Windows: … lang=en-US

US English Linux: … lang=en-US

woo I’ve just finished installing it :smile:

i’ll be back in a bit I’m gonna test it out! :smile:

71/100 on Acid3.  Too bad.

I finally managed to find a lag in the action and got it downloaded. It seems a little snappier. Did they optimize the memory useage?

Have you been using Firefox 2 (not one of the FF3 betas or release candidates) Mike?

If so, then yes, FF3 doesn’t take up 80% of your RAM after being open for a few hours.

Really?is that for real. . Coz it really irritate me when I enjoy playing and then lag. .  :imp:. .I’ll install that. .Thank you. .

Yeah I was using version two. I hadn’t tried any of the beta releases for version 3.


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Great pic! May I pass it around?
I think this town is full of retards. Half a dozen ppl were in today who ‘couldn’t make Firefox’ download or get it to install.
Mind you, since AVG updated to 8, we’ve fielded over a hundred calls from ppl who downloaded the wrong one (trial or paid) or tell us it wants a username/password/domain when it starts (???)… handed out a dozen burnt CDs cuz you can’t even walk them thru on the phone.
Almost ALL were ‘professionals’ where basic computer use is part of their daily work… :confused:

So did they end up setting the 24 hour record?

You bet - it’s not ‘mine’ anyways - I found it here:

It took a day or two, but, I finally got a Slackware package for FF 3.0.  I like it! :sunglasses:

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Sorry for being a Necro guys, but I had to do it.

It’s Official!!!

Mozilla has officially made history with a new Guinness world record for the largest number of software downloads in a 24-hour period. The final record breaking 8,002,530 downloads for Firefox 3.0 took place in June with parties in over 25 countries. “The enthusiasm and creativity of Firefox fans was key to making this happenâ€[/quote]