Downgrading Vista to Xp Help

After I restart and boot of the xp disc.  When you get to that screen where you want to install windows, it say it cant find a harddrive.
Its a new Laptop

That’s normal.

Because your laptop is Intel Santa Rosa based (like all new Intel Centrino laptops are now), WinXP doesn’t have a driver for the SATA controller in the new platform. So therefore WinXP will not recognize the hard drives.

But it’s still possible to install XP into your laptop. I suggest you look for help here:

Will I have the same problem with my laptop when I get it? May seem like a silly question. It comes with windows XP.

:astonished: My question is where the heck did you find a laptop with XP  on it???

Hehe, that is my little secret.
I have my ways.  :smiley:

By the way, nice avatar, reminds me of the WHMIS course I just took :sunglasses:

Really, it was with Dell.  :smiley:

Not much of a secret. I got a quote on one just last week from a local vendor.

I just took my Vista partition off my Macbook. 

This is my second attempt at a serious Vista install.  I used it for 10 minutes in 3 weeks.  XP is at least 50% faster on everything.  And then it’s easier to run XP or WinFLP from inside VMware than it is to reboot.

You guys who have used Vista and XP on the same box – much difference? 

How does Vista run with the new service pack?  I haven’t seen anyone comment on it yet.  I’ll be buying a new laptop myself in the coming weeks and wondering if I should find one with XP or go with Vista.

50% better like you said.

I was amazed that the WoW graphics performance on XP is 5 - 10 frames better than on Vista.

You can still pick up Acers and MSIs from the warehouses with XP.

The SATA problem is gonna be ugly sometimes. Who the hell makes a laptop these days w a floppy so you can push F6 to grab the driver?

Well, I’m in Calgary right now but hoping to move to a more sane place (Prince George).
In Calgary you haven’t been able to buy a new pc with XP for over 6 months.

“By the way, nice avatar, reminds me of the WHMIS course I just took cool”

That would be the “REACTIVE” WHMIS symbol. WHMIS is just one of the courses I instruct.
REACTIVE is just one of my behaviors. When WorkSafe BC gets up to speed I will be moving, although I got a phone call today from a potential employer that is “Wanting to keep in touch”.

With luck, I will move sooner.

I’m a little annoyed at WHMIS.

  1. It removed ingredients from many labels. I used to like it when you could pick up a bottle of “CLX” and see your paying $9.99 for fucking vinegar.
  2. It took about 5 years and now it’s a hiring pre-requisite for companies too fucking cheap to train employees.

Go to a non-chain store and ask about XP computers. They can make or order one still. I’ve built about 60 last year and only 3 wanted Vista…

Yep, Vista is shit.  XP Pro is a good OS…as is Linux and OS X.

Thanks Herbie, I’ll phone around a bit. I really don’t want to go Vista! :imp:

As for WHMIS the upside is the information that you can get about the chemicals you deal with. Write down some product names from under your sink or vanity and check them out at this site…

One I was relieved to read about was Bounce fabric softener sheets. :smiley:

Very tame CLR is there too…

I’m a Linux/Unix/OS X guy, but, I do think that XP is a very good OS.  I’m sad to hear that the boys in Redmond are terminating shipments of XP on June 30th.

not a rickroll

Nah, they’re actually introducing it in eeepc-class computers, so you’ll see XP around for a bit yet.

As for the SATA-catch 22 thing, you need to slipstream the SATA drivers into an XPSP2 install CD.

C’mon guys, trash Vista all you want but I’ve only found that ONE issue with networking. Otherwise it crashes less, I’ve seen it nab Spyware Doctor and crush it when it almost destroys an XP installation.
Almost every instance of the ‘incompatibility warning’ you can just carry on and ignore it (90% of ppl just stop there) or set in Properties to run in XP mode.
If you’re gonna buy a new system with a MS OS, get Vista. If you wanna play games, boost up your XP system.
99% of the complaints I hear are people who just don’t wanna learn, and it might seem odd coming from an old fart (we’re the ones who are supposed to be like that), but learning something new NOW is better than planning to learn it LATER.

21 days to Ubuntu 8.04

MiG: I knew they find a way to ruin the Eee

Cool.  Slackware 12.1 is now at RC1 status, I think 12.1 should be released in 3-4 weeks. :sunglasses: