Double-Sided Printing (PDF)

Alright, I’m sitting here in my cubical trying to figure out how to get my TPS reports to print double sided through our HP LaserJet 8100. Before the office was upgraded? to WinXP. there was a check box I could select in the print window, which would enable double sided printing. That box is no longer around, and the printer hasn’t changed… Any ideas?

I tired the good old fashioned print odd pages, then manual feed the even pages through… It doesn’t work all that great. I’m working with PDF if it makes a difference.

Major Office Space rage right now… Some of the computers in the office can print doublsided without doing this manual feed even pages BS…

is there a duplexing option anywhere in the print driver. Try upgrading the driver to a Post script if it isnt already.

Hah! Thanks Delirious! Enabling the duplexing brought up the missing menus I couldn’t access. I installed the latest driver from HP aswell.


The odd page/even page manual feed thing was working fine, but the printer seemed to randomly grab paper from tray 2 at times, which would screw up the order of the rest of the sheets… Major pain in the ass.

Sounds like a bad Dilbert joke.

It sounds like you are using the windows standard driver try downloading the hp driver. I know when i did all my training for hp MFP’s and laser jet’s they all have this feature just need’s the driver ( non windows driver )

Thanks though, Jason.