Don't worry Citywest, it happens to all of us at some point

Watching channel 10 in Terrace:

Hey, at least it wasn’t a BSOD. I’ve seen those on airport monitors, and once on a billboard!

It’s always relaxing to see stuff like this, I’ve seen it in Greyhound, PR Hospital, Numerous times on Citywest Cable…

Reminds me of how much we rely on technology. :smile:

I just want to double-click on “Downloads on Te…”

I’ve never seen the screen outside the Highliner showing the flight information for Air Canada work. It’s always been a blank screen every time I’ve seen it.

The blue screen of death has been on Channel 11 more often than they’d like to admit too I bet.

We get to see this on our Community Channel once in a while.
Almost as often as seeing the ads stop, Windows pop up and watch the guy access it by Teamviewer and update it.