Don't mess with this cow, especially if you're a dog

Don’t mess with this cow, especially if you’re a dog. … d=29096832



The things MiG comes across on the web… Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

That cow murdered those two poor doggies. Note to self, make sure the cows are good and sleeping before tipping them the next time I’m in terrace.

Seeing this was in Russian I ran it through the fish:

15 сентября, Феникс, штат Алабама. Два питбуля, оставшиеся после урагана без хозяев, добывают себе пищу самостоятельно

15 September, Phoenix, the state of Alabama. Two pitbulya, which were remained after hurricane without the masters, obtain to themselves food independently

Их жертвой стал бык, по всей видимости, заблудившийся и отбившийся от стада.

Bull, in all likelihood, that was strayed and repulsed from the herd became their victim.

Собак не смутило присутствие фоторепортера, который находился в составе проезжавшего мимо патруля Национальной гвардии, контролирующей районы, пострадавшие от “Катрины”.

Dogs did not confuse the presence of the photo journalist, who was located in the composition of that passed past the patrol of the national guard, which controls the regions, which suffered from “katriny”.

Финал истории - собаки застрелены.

Finale histories - dog are shot down.

So it seems this was in Alabama, after Katrina, a couple of wild dogs, hungry enough to take on a this monster bull, lost. But as translated by the fish, it says “dog are shot down”. So did the bull kill the dogs or were they just shot?

I’m glad someone noticed it’s a bull.

I’ve known horses to kill beloved family dogs when the dogs even made half hearted attempts to harass them.

From the looks of it, I’d say the dogs were shot rather than killed by the bull, tossing a pitbull through the air doesn’t really deter them too much, they’re made of rubber.