Don’t give up on your shopping dreams just yet…

While it seems more like political spin than concrete evidence, Mayor Pond is keeping some of the recently doused embers of commercial development in Prince Rupert burning just a little bit, with comforting words of shopping to come.

With Royop bowing out of the shopping scene in Prince Rupert a week ago, the city is still expressing optimism that the big name stores that have had Rupertites salivating over the last three years may still one day call Rupert home.

The Mayor outlined some of the roadblocks to the recent Royop plans over the last year, as part of a story in Friday’s Daily News. It was an article that once again brought the always topical discussion on shopping in the city to the front pages…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 4845127342 )- 

Since Rupertites are more than willing to drive to Terrace to shop at Canadian Tire, there’s very little reason to put one here.

The Terrace Canadian Tire guy tells me that Terrace could see the difference on Saturdays when the Smithers Canadian Tire opened.  Business was down at all kinds of places (restaurants and the like).  People who would previously drive to Terrace to shop were all of a sudden going to Smithers.

Maybe these big box guys understand this, and see little need to put these stores at the end of the line.  And really, why bother?  Rupert people have proven over and over again that they’ll shop out of Terrace (or on the internet) even when the product they’re after is available in Rupert.

Think computers – sure the local computer shops sell computers and stuff, but I’d say a majority of computers and computer equipment in Rupert were bought out of town.

Distance isn’t the hurdle it once was.  Good thing there are some local merchants who understand this.

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Basically I said we needed stores that Terrace doesn’t already have, so people will come to Rupert for something they can’t get closer to home.

SportChek, FutureShop, Chapters… whatever.  As long as the closest one to us is PG or farther… I’m game. 


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