Doh! Doh! Doh!

We’ve had over 50 power blinks just today as wet trees and clumps of snow hit the hydro. I took advantage during the longer outages to plug every damn router and hub in the office into the server power backups. Had to wire the entire town’s connectivity over a couple ADSL circuits as our mountain links are down, but I figured the webserver could wait*
So all night connectivity is lost for a few minutes after every power bump… I forgot to plug the ADSL modems into the UPS too! DOH! DOH! DOH!
One good thing, a couple ppl will decide to cut those friggin trees or hydro will do it for them.

  • my DNS zone won’t do a CNAME…  IN  CNAME
doesn’t work  IN  A

any ideas? If I could use CNAME, I’d only need to change the zone IP for and not all the zone records for every virtual domain on it…

I’m not sure you can you do that, CNAME whole domains to another, especially to a subdomain.  IN  CNAME

You can do: IN CNAME

Or in the zone file you can shorten it:


What version of Bind? What kind of error are you getting?