Dog owners on 4th and 5th West

I just went into my backyard and there are like six piles of fresh dog poop all over my lawn. Also a giant pile from a deer, but I presume the deer doesn’t have an owner who regularly takes it for walks and turns a blind eye as it relieves itself on other peoples’ property.

Stay classy, everyone.

Set up a webcam on motion detect, identify the suspects and go take a dump on their porch or in their mailbox. Repeat as necessary.

I find piles regularly, being right next to a path and all… Sucks because 1- I don’t have or really want a dog at this point 2- My children need to watch where they step in MY yard. I mean I get its easier to leave the turds but come on take the responsibility and clean up after YOUR pets. :smile:

Love that idea. Flaming dog poop might be better lol